The curriculum of the Institute is designed for nine intensive month training program in international relations and diplomacy beginning November, 2002. A week long orientation program is offered prior to the basic Instructional Program.

The Foreign Service Institute does not require students to major or specialize in a particular field of study of the courses mentioned supra as eligibility for graduation. However, the school attaches specific interest as well to elective courses and the language program for extensive understanding. Student earning a high score in these subjects shall be given an award. All courses offered are compulsory with the exception of those marked "ELECTIVE."

The curriculum at the Institute is designed to prepare and expose students to a full knowledge of Liberian Foreign Policy and generally, those of other countries and International Organizations in the modern world. Students successfully completing the prescribed course of study, are issued diplomas in International Relations. The program of study basically considers three main areas which include the professional training program, the area study program, Language Study, and also three other areas of study which formed essential components of the course. Others are Administrative Training Program, the special monthly lecture and discussion program.

Important Notes

  • Students wishing to enroll at the Institute must be graduates of recognized university institutions and should already have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • The school also requests three (3) letters of recommendation from applicants with one (1) from the Dean of last college graduated and two (2) from prominent citizens in the community.
  • Successful applicants are required to sign the statement of a code of conduct as stipulated by the Institute.
  • Upon submission of a written application indicating desire for admission, a printed application form is issued to the applicant at a cost of US$20.00 or its equivalent in Liberian Dollar.
  • Students who had a minimum of 3.0 GPA and made an Aptitude Test score of 90% or above are placed on scholarship.
  • Scholarship students are however required to maintain a "B" score in each of the subjects during the three-quarter term of the academic year. Scholarship students earning "C" in any of the subjects are considered dropped from the scholarship program.

The following documents are required in addition to the completion of this application:

  • A completed FSI Application Form
  • A copy of a recent resume
  • Two recent passport size photos
  • A clearance from the National Security Agency
  • A health clearance from an accredited medical institution.
  • A copy of school diploma(s)/degree(s)