Monday, 7th December 2015
Acting Foreign Minister B. Elias Shoniyin speaks on China's Aid to Liberia Watch Video»



Thursday, 1st January 1970
Hon. B. Elias Shoniyin, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Liberia, who is a part of H. E. Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's delegation to this year's Second Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Johannesburg, South Africa has been telling the world about the enormous contributions that are being made to the Government and People of Liberia by the Government and People of the People's Republic of China. The Summit is preceded by the Sixth Ministerial Conference of FOCAC. It was during this Meeting on Thursday, November 3, that Acting Foreign Minister Shoniyin told the world about the contributions that are being made by China to Liberia. Acting Foreign Minister Shoniyin specifically mentioned China's contributions to Liberia's Ebola fight. The Summit, which is being held under the theme, “Africa-China Progressing Together: Win-Win Cooperation for Common Development,” marks the first time that African and Chinese leaders met in Africa to look at ways of deepening cooperation. This is only the second time in the 15-year history of FOCAC that the leaders met together; the first being in Beijing, China in 2006. The co-chairs of the Second FOCAC Summit, Presidents Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China, delivered key addresses. The African Union chairperson, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, also delivered a speech. China is Africa’s largest trading partner, having developed a mutual, sound and vibrant partnership with trade volume between them increasing exponentially over the past decade. The Second FOCAC Summit was expected to consolidate these gains and further reconstruct global affairs by exploring new models and approaches towards a more equitable and inclusive system that promotes sustainable socio-economic development. The Summit also reviewed the implementation of various agreements signed since 2006, and outlined the course of action for development of China-Africa relations over the next few years. A number of bilateral agreements were expected to be signed to deepen relations at various levels. The First FOCAC Ministerial Conference was held in Beijing in October 2000. This was followed by a meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2003. Beijing hosted a full China-Africa Summit in 2006. A FOCAC Ministerial Meeting was held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in 2009, and the Fifth FOCAC Ministerial Meeting was hosted by China in Beijing in 2012. The FOCAC platform is based on the principles of South-South cooperation and mutual and equal benefit, with a view to addressing various areas of concern for Africa’s socio-economic development and integration. These include deepening cooperation in the areas of infrastructure development, debt relief, industrialization, investment promotion, market access expansion, agriculture, science and technology, health, education, and people-to-people cultural exchanges, among others. The FOCAC platform provided an opportunity to further stimulate growth and unlock new opportunities between China and Africa on trade and other matters. Watch Video»




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