The Statue of President Sirleaf in Imo State, Nigeria
Gov. Okorocha shows Pres. Sirleaf the street named in her honor
Pres. Sirleaf, Gov. Okorocha, Amb. Conteh and other guests pose with students of the Foundation
Foreign Minister Kamara and senior officials at the funeral service on Saturday, October 21, 2017
Foreign Minister Kamara and senior officials view the remains of the late Mrs. Klaneh Bruce
Husband of the deceased, Cllr. Jackie Bruce and members of the bereaved family
Minister and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madam Marjon Kamara and Elias Shoiniyin at the funeral service
Ministry of Foreign Affairs family pays tribute to their fallen colleague
Mr. Mohammed Kenneth reads the Ministry's tribute on behalf of Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara
The remains of the late Mrs. Clara Klaneh Wesley-Bruce
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