Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consoles Family of Late Saye Goyo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the late Mr. Saye S. Goyo who passed away on the premises of the Ministry early Monday, August 28, 2017. 


According to a Foreign Ministry release, Mr. Saye S. Goyo (52), of the Paynesville Community, came to the Bureau of Passports and Visas to obtain a new Liberian Biometric e-Passport.


As is usually the procedure, he secured the passport form number 52 which is issued by staff of the Bureau of Passports and Visas and was given a seat to wait his turn to be called to do his biometrics.


Unfortunately, at about 08:56 a.m., he fell off and other passport applicants sitting around him came to his aid and tried to revive him, while the Foreign Ministry security made contact for an ambulance to immediately take him to John F. Kennedy Medical Center.


Before the ambulance arrived, he again went into convulsion foaming, vomiting and jerking. However, the ambulance did come and take him to the J.F.K Medical Center at about 09:12 a.m. Mr. Goyo was pronounced dead by Dr. Kolu Beyan Davies at about 09:20 a.m.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made frantic efforts and was able to make contact with the victim’s wife, Mrs. Martha Goyo, as well as other relatives, Miss Anita Wondea and Junior Gaye. They all confirmed that he suffered from high blood pressure and, over the last week he had problems with his pressure which had been fluctuating. 


His relatives later took his remains from the John F. Kennedy Medical Center to a funeral home.


The Foreign Ministry’s Director of Security have briefed the Liberia National Police which is following up with their own investigation to ascertain the cause of death.



Mr. Saye Goyo, who hails from Yila, Bong County was employed at the Ministry of Public Works.